Scott Truel San Diego Holistic Health Practitioner Fights Gravity With Facial Exercises

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Scott Truel San Diego Holistic Health Practitioner is a strong believer in protecting the skin from the sun and using noninvasive treatments to fight gravity.

When it comes to skincare, the sun definitely is not your friend. Over exposure to the sun will cause dry skin, wrinkles, loss of collagen and elasticity and a change in skin pigmentation. Any color we get on the skin is the skin protecting itself from the sun.

Scott says “A very nice looking suntan is still sun damage.”

The first thought in many people’s minds if they have sun damage is to get a chemical peel. The choice is usually made because it’s quick it’s easy and it’s over, They look in the mirror and they say, “Oh look I got this great new face and all I did was spend some money.” But the fix is only temporary. The person buying product to lighten the skin is faced with the same problem

Scott says “As we age, gravity takes its toll.”

Some people turn to surgery to reduce wrinkles. The truth of the matter is when somebody gets a facelift they’re trying to alleviate sagging muscles that are underneath the sagging skin. The surgeon removes the skin from the sagging muscles, tighten the skin and then replace it over the sagging muscle. Eventually though, sagging muscles will reattach to the skin and will start to pull it down just the way it was before the surgery.

Many people believe in using a collagen product to fight the aging process. The problem with collagen applied to the skin is the molecules are too large to be absorbed. Collagen is produced by the body. You simply cannot rub collagen on your skin and expect collagen to add to or replace the collagen that you have lost within your body. Exercise and massage will activate the body’s ability to produce increased collagen.

The underlying problem is sagging facial muscles. Scott says “to fix a sagging muscle, exercise it.” There are many facial exercises. The key to tightening facial muscles is to do exercises on a constant and regular basis.

The nasolabial fold, the line runs from the corner of your nose down toward the corner of your mouth, can be reduced by simply doing exercises to work the muscles above and around that line.

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