Maureen Pisani San Diego Hypnotherapist Answers the Four Most Asked Questions Regarding Hypnosis and Pain Relief

Maurine Pisani C Ht

Maureen Pisani San Diego Hypnotherapist is a firm believer that hypnosis aids in the relief of pain because she was completely relieved of debilitating pain.  She was told she was totally disabled yet after only two hypnotherapy sessions, the pain went away and has never returned.

Here she answers the four most asked questions about hypnotherapy and pain relief.

How does hypnosis work? 

Hypnotherapy simply accesses the client’s subconscious mind and introduces new and beneficial ideas that are implemented once that client is in a new situation. As soon as that occurs, the client feels and lives the resulting improvement.

What will I feel?

What you feel is different for everyone. It’s important to state that no one loses control while in a hypnotic state. Some clients relax completely to the point of not remembering what has been suggested. Others feel like they just took a power nap. Others just sit comfortably in a recliner with their eyes closed listening to what the therapist says. Each client connects with a deep relaxation and a sense of calmness regardless of how much physical tension release occurs.

Will the pain disappear?

Considering that pain in and of itself is a signal reminding you to take care of yourself and not to push yourself, when there is a medical cause such as Arthritic pain, the therapist will not remove the pain completely down to a zero level.

If the client has been dealing with a level 8 pain on a daily basis, which is debilitating on all aspects, think of the improvement in quality of life, of productivity and of simple happiness, if the pain was brought down to a 0.5. If during his/her day, the client is aware of a sense of something, a mild warning simply to remind him/her to be cautious, but still has full ability to live a full life, think of the benefits there.

Now, there are certain situations, circumstances and conditions that are emotional in etiology. When the cause is emotional, the client does usually experience a complete release of pain. Hypnotherapy can resolve those subconscious emotional wounds and all that the client experiences, is the resolution and disappearance of any and all symptoms.

Will I be stuck in hypnosis?

No one will ever be stuck in a hypnotic state. We go through natural hypnotic states normally, at least twice daily. Each and every one of us goes through a hypnotic state as we’re falling asleep and then as we’re waking up.

You know that dreamy, drowsy feeling of knowing that you’d much rather listen to the TV than watch it, then drift off and come back 20 minutes later. That comfy feeling of letting go moments before drifting off to sleep. That’s you in hypnosis, naturally. So, knowing that we naturally go in and out of a hypnotic state twice daily proves that no one will ever be stuck in a hypnotic state. All that happens, is that we drift off to sleep and then naturally wake up to a full wide awake state of alertness.

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