Kenzie Odell San Diego Deep Tissue Massage Therapist Addresses the Misconception That Massage is a Luxury

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Kenzie Odell San Diego Deep Tissue Massage Therapist says “People have a tendency to think about massage as a luxury, something you do just to feel good.”

In actuality everyone should be getting massages on a regular basis. You should have at least one massage per month to keep up with regular wear and tear as well as tension and stress.

Massages should be used on a regular basis to prevent injury. If you wait until you throw your back out and then come in it can take two or three treatments to get you back to normal. Emphasis should be placed on having a massage regularly. Fit it into your schedule, fit it into your budget and make it part of your weekly and monthly routine. Doing so will help prevent knee injuries, back injuries and relieve strain.

Many people with migraines find that the symptoms can be treated well with massage but simply waiting until you have a severe migraine before coming in on an emergency basis will be much harder to treat than if you have had regular massages.

No matter what a person does for their job or workout routine, even if you sit all day and do nothing, you’re doing a repetitive motion. Those repetitive movements will cause muscle pain, wear and tear and joint pain. Massage may relieve that pain but once you go back to doing your same activities and the muscle tension will return. That’s where muscle maintenance becomes important.

If you are an athlete, Achilles’ heel injuries and knee injuries can be prevented with regular massage because, if the muscles that are connected to your tendons stay loose it helps the joints stay healthy.

You will ultimately reach a point where you feel generally good all the time so that your monthly massages are more for relaxation and maintenance. That is where you want to be.

Rather than continually playing catch-up, set up regularly scheduled appointments for your massage and get ahead of the game.

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