Dr Stewart Sanders DPT San Diego Golf Fitness Specialist Recommends Building A Golf Coaching Team

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Dr Stewart Sanders San Diego Golf Fitness Specialist reminds us that Golf is a sport. He said “Golf may be played by more people on the planet than any other sport, but it is a sport, and as such, physical training and toning should be considered if you are to play your best.”

Professionals that help golfers improve flexibility, gain strength and maintain their energy and endurance throughout the game should not be confused with a golf coach or a swing coach. Those professionals teach how to swing a golf club, how to choose the shot, how to manage the course; how to play the game.

Prior to Tiger Woods turning pro in 2001, fitness was not generally recognized as a major attribute of a golfer’s game. Tiger’s training and emphasis on physical fitness changed that opinion. Today almost all Professional Golfers have a Golf Fitness Professional as part of their permanent training program.

If a player wants to move his or her game to the next level they should work with a Golf Fitness Specialist. Some of the questions they should ask of the professional are;

What is your training and how are you qualified to help me?
Do you work with any golf coaches/professionals?
What can I do in order to play golf without pain?
What should I do before and after my round of golf to help decrease pain while playing?
What exercises do I need to do to improve my golf swing?
How does nutrition and rest play a part in helping to improve my golf game?

When a golfer is looking for the Golf Fitness Specialist that is right for them, they should find someone with a medical degree who specializes in body mechanics and understands the golf swing. Fitness professionals such as physical therapists and athletic trainers are skilled at improving the physical components of the golf swing and help golfers reach their goals. These experts are in the profession of improving functional ability and make great golf fitness professionals. Also look for someone who is a TPI-certified golf fitness instructor. TPI is the Titleist Performance Institute, the world’s leading educational organization and research facility dedicated to the study of how the human body functions in relation to the golf swing.

At a minimum, to avoid injury, every golfer should perform a warm-up that progresses from general to specific. The golfer should address the physical limitations that are specific to them as they progress through their warm-up before their round and cool-down afterwards.

Getting plenty of rest and eating right is very important. On game day, plan ahead and bring plenty of water and a few snacks to the golf course. Stay hydrated and maintain energy during the round of golf. Proper rest prior to the round of golf and after is essential.

You can see more from Dr. Stewart Sanders http://smallbusinesstrendsetters.com/dr-stewart-sanders-san-diego-golf-fitness-specialist-aids-golfers-in-getting-lower-scores/
or on CNN  http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1122587

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