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Lisa Sawicki

Lisa Lapides Sawicki San Diego Certified Life Coach | You are Coaching Yourself 16 Hours a Day…You Won’t Believe Your Life Outcomes When You Do It Right!

Lisa Lapides Sawicki  San Diego Certified Life Coach wrote an article that was published in the August 2015 issue of the upscale magazine “Life After 50”.  In the article Lisa Lapides Sawicki  discusses the importance of what she calls “Self-Coaching and how the process improves your life.  She tells us that every day we are already self-coaching, usually, just not in the right way.

Below I have included that article in it’s original form as written by Lisa.

Everyone needs to know the power of your inner thoughts, messages and self-talk.

Through my Coaching Practice, I realized that all adults, including myself, are actually self coaching our lives, about 16 waking hours a day. Learning how to properly and skillfully daily self coach is essential to the quality of our lives our relationships and our very important relationship with ourselves. It all begins with our self talk, the way you talk to yourself and messages you give yourself throughout the day.

Here are some examples of this:

 Negative Self –Talk      

  1. I am so fat…I hate my body
  2. I am too old for…
  3. I never have any fun
  4. I am not a fun person
  5. No one really likes me
  6. I never have anything to wear
  7. She or He is better than me
  8. Everything bad happens to me
  9. They are only being nice to me because they want something from me
  10. They just want to use me

Positive Self-Talk

  1. I see the beauty in my body and am so grateful for all that it does for me
  2. I accept myself..I accept others
  3. I never want to say mean or bullying messages to myself
  4. I am young at heart and can do what I choose to
  5. I am a fun person
  6. I am likable…lovable ( and really believe it)
  7. I trust the sincere intentions of myself and others
  8. I really like myself..I enjoy my own company
  9. All of us are equals, no one is better than anyone else. We all shine in our own way
  10. I believe that compliment because they really meant what they said about me

Why is self-talk so vitally important?
Statistics prove that 1 in 10 Americans suffer from depression and even more people experience chronic anxiety. No one teaches the ramifications of our inner thoughts and statements and how to positively, with intention, “Self-Coach” during those 16 waking hours per day (based on an 8 hour sleep schedule).

Our society often breeds emotional dependency, trying only to “FIX” problems and issues as they arise, as opposed to Empowering people with increased emotional independence. Emotional independence is when a person has the ability to calm themselves after something upsetting happens to them and begin to figure out how to problem solve the situation or work on accepting it if it is out of their control. People who are not emotionally independent are constantly needing ‘outside help ‘ vices or ‘fixes’ when they feel upset or need to problem solve. They do not know how to manage their own emotions.  People need to learn how manage their own upset emotions, calm themselves down and look for options and possibilities.

With taking responsibility that like it or not, you are self coaching 16 hours a day, a person can easily and quickly learn the tools, skills and techniques to be self-aware, positively shift their self-talk, and own the TRUTH that every single one of us is doing our own daily, moment-to-moment, self coaching.

You are the one and only Director of Your Life.

As a Coach, I feel the mandatory responsibility to teach positive and specific daily self coaching techniques and skills to each of my clients for the 16 waking hours a day that they are positively, realistically and productively talking to themselves and directing their reactions and actions as opposed to being self-sabotaging . Even if a person is already working with a Coach or Therapist, on average that is only one hour per week, can you imagine the life results you could achieve if you were positively coaching yourself the other 111 waking hours a week? Endless possibilities.

Our 16 waking hours a day consists of managing emotions, thoughts, reactions and actions. No conscience person escapes that fact.The problem is we are never taught how to healthily talk to our self  and self coach. Our society breeds us to feel fearful, shameful, not good enough, guilty, competitive, better than or less than. We are bombarded with these messages thousands of times a day from the media, community, some friends and family, co-workers, care-givers and maybe others who are jealous. We concentrate and learn so many things other than our own powerful self management and then we wonder why so many people find themselves unhappy, feeling ‘flat and joyless’, like a victim, in a bad relationship , job or circumstance, abused  or just dissatisfied.

” Life is what happens to you when you are not practicing daily self awareness and self coaching”. The actual daily benefits of  learning and practicing self coaching are more:

  1. Calmness
  2. Self Directed Productiveness
  3. Decisiveness
  4. Schedule Control
  5. .
  6. Resiliency and Less Personalization
  7. Awareness of fair, healthy and safe boundaries
  8. Aware of desired and undesired actions and commitments
  9. Self control and self acceptance
  10. Ability to reach realistic goals
  11. Happiness and Fulfillment

 Here are some self coaching skills that you can start incorporating immediately:

  1. Notice ( without any judgement…just observe) what your inner thoughts and inner self talk reveal about you. Are you for the most part a positive person? negative? victim? insecure? judgemental? fearful? fair? realistic? jealous? conceded? needy? competitive? etc..
  2. Notice how you feel just being by yourself . Is it nice or are you bored? Do you feel comfortable being by yourself without talking to anyone?
  3. Notice how you feel with the different people in your life. Is it nice to be or talk with them? Maybe not so nice or pleasant with some individuals.
  4. Start observing how people feel in your company and about you. Are you likable? lovable? judgemental? needy? nice?
  5. As you really start noticing what your inner world is saying to you and how you are feeling. Feel free to write down some of these self observations in a notebook if you choose. Take a real look at yourself and noticed your thoughts, reactions, emotions and on-going actions and attitudes. Now after you really take this time to self observe and get clarity on your inner thought tendencies…
  6. Not negotiable: Make a choice from this day forward and Every Day to love, have compassion, trust, accept and powerfully be supportive to yourself. It all begins with your positive self talk and messages you are giving to yourself. There is no room for victim feelings or repetitive negative feelings.No matter what. No excuses. You owe that to yourself. You must choose to love and accept yourself fully and to daily choose to be self supportive.  You take responsibility for your peace of mind ( meditate..walk, and the fulfillment of your life. Your happiness is not anyone else’s is yours.

If you are open now to make some realistic, powerful positive shifts, write down 4 goals, issues, challenges or outcomes you would like to make happen for yourself that you can start working on. Just 4 to start.

  1. Now…think of what self talk you have to tell yourself to schedule and work on each of those 4 goals every week. Write down the positive self talk messages you need to say and implement to begin daily or weekly to reach those goals.

Here are some self talk sentence starters:

Everyday for 1/2  to 1 hour a day I am going to………

When my inner self talk is negative in any way, or someone or something is bothering me, I am going to challenge myself to discover if I can positively re-frame it, let it go, let it be or create a possible desired positive solution or outcome.

I am choosing to talk with strong support to myself and direct myself to do positive large and small actions with pleasure and some ease.

I choose not to take things personally, but to learn and grow from all tough mistakes, hurts and disappointments. This is not easy but if you start practicing it, it will quickly change those wasteful, negative feelings that only bring you down and prevent you from feeling self accepting and peaceful.

I can say “No Thank You” gracefully and graciously when I need to and is a healthy self boundary for me! This is HUGE.

I can realistically be self responsible and self accountable.

I choose to be a ‘person of my word’ meaning I do what I declare I am going to do. This way you don’t disappoint yourself and others or create “messes”. I also choose to say ‘I am sorry’ when it is true and necessary.

I choose to be nice, pleasant, fair and clearly communicative with all others.

In the 24 hours a day that I am given, I will create a pleasurable, do able schedule for myself that allows me to feel grounded and fulfilled. This will require that I properly prioritize and have patience to accomplish my needs and goals in a sane and healthy way.

I choose to have Schedule Control for creating a ‘Life Worth Living’. I can direct my scheduled day..every day ( even making additional time and room for spontaneity and the occasional unexpected situation). I don’t allow my day to direct me like a rat in a maze.

When I feel hurt, angry, sad, scared or disappointed I will always choose allow myself some time for my grief and then to be healthily and emotionally resilient. Resiliency is one of the most human being successful skills and tools.

I choose to challenge myself every week to do something that is ‘ good for me’ even if I avoid or resist it. You can’t imagine how your world and heart will open up from stretching ‘your comfort zone’.

I choose to silently acknowledge or reward myself everyday for the positive and productive things I have accomplished. This is mandatory! Get used to it.You have to compliment yourself inwardly for doing a good or burdensome job. You count and You need to give yourself praise. We are not just ‘Doing Machines”.

I choose to conquer my tasks and assignments in a timely, relaxed matter and not leave them to the last minute which can often create problems, messes and stress.

I choose to be compassionate and fair with others.

I choose to feel grateful everyday for all of my and my loved one’s blessings.

If you begin to practice all of these concepts and self coaching skills you will begin to almost instantly manifest a more positive inner and outer existence. Your emotions and actions will be more positive and your outcomes greatly more improved and satisfied.

Bottom Line: Self Coach Starting Now.

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Jo-Lynn Herbert

Jo-Lynn Herbert MSW | Aiding Seniors Transitioning From Their Homes

Jo-Lynn Herbert MSW says “We must focus on seniors who are transitioning from their home to nursing care, assisted living care or other assisted housing.”

These groups of seniors need a professional who will prove excellent sorting, packing, unpacking and organizing of their personal items and space. These services must be flexible and available at the seniors convenience. Giving a hand when seniors do not have any one on hand to provide assistance or anyone they trust.

Seniors who live independently and for those seniors who have some physical impairment that limits their mobility and seniors who live alone and have no family or someone they feel they can’t trust also need the same kind of professional service.

Building trust and having a positive helpful attitude in providing services is imperative. Packing for the move is not an easy task and it can be overwhelming. To have someone to assist with the process usually decrease stress and maintains an organized packing experience.

One of the big misconceptions is that seniors do not need their belongings or their own space. Their belonging are part of their history and should be respected as much as the senior themselves need to be respected. Society learns by history so we need to be open and appreciate seniors and their belongings which tell their story. We must also respect and maintain their privacy.

Seniors tend to have as many items as a younger person and usually more. They want to keep and preserve as much as they can.

Helping organize seniors who are hoarders who recently had a big cleanup is a valuable service. If, after the cleanup, the families see disorganization they must recognize that that can trigger hoarder behavior. The family should consider a professional to provide assistance by organizing and reminding the senior how to use space effectively increasing their daily functionality and heading off a return to hoarding.

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Scott 4 SBT

Scott Truel San Diego Holistic Health Practitioner Fights Gravity With Facial Exercises

Scott Truel San Diego Holistic Health Practitioner is a strong believer in protecting the skin from the sun and using noninvasive treatments to fight gravity.

When it comes to skincare, the sun definitely is not your friend. Over exposure to the sun will cause dry skin, wrinkles, loss of collagen and elasticity and a change in skin pigmentation. Any color we get on the skin is the skin protecting itself from the sun.

Scott says “A very nice looking suntan is still sun damage.”

The first thought in many people’s minds if they have sun damage is to get a chemical peel. The choice is usually made because it’s quick it’s easy and it’s over, They look in the mirror and they say, “Oh look I got this great new face and all I did was spend some money.” But the fix is only temporary. The person buying product to lighten the skin is faced with the same problem

Scott says “As we age, gravity takes its toll.”

Some people turn to surgery to reduce wrinkles. The truth of the matter is when somebody gets a facelift they’re trying to alleviate sagging muscles that are underneath the sagging skin. The surgeon removes the skin from the sagging muscles, tighten the skin and then replace it over the sagging muscle. Eventually though, sagging muscles will reattach to the skin and will start to pull it down just the way it was before the surgery.

Many people believe in using a collagen product to fight the aging process. The problem with collagen applied to the skin is the molecules are too large to be absorbed. Collagen is produced by the body. You simply cannot rub collagen on your skin and expect collagen to add to or replace the collagen that you have lost within your body. Exercise and massage will activate the body’s ability to produce increased collagen.

The underlying problem is sagging facial muscles. Scott says “to fix a sagging muscle, exercise it.” There are many facial exercises. The key to tightening facial muscles is to do exercises on a constant and regular basis.

The nasolabial fold, the line runs from the corner of your nose down toward the corner of your mouth, can be reduced by simply doing exercises to work the muscles above and around that line.

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Kenzie Odell Pix

Kenzie Odell San Diego Deep Tissue Massage Therapist Addresses the Misconception That Massage is a Luxury

Kenzie Odell San Diego Deep Tissue Massage Therapist says “People have a tendency to think about massage as a luxury, something you do just to feel good.”

In actuality everyone should be getting massages on a regular basis. You should have at least one massage per month to keep up with regular wear and tear as well as tension and stress.

Massages should be used on a regular basis to prevent injury. If you wait until you throw your back out and then come in it can take two or three treatments to get you back to normal. Emphasis should be placed on having a massage regularly. Fit it into your schedule, fit it into your budget and make it part of your weekly and monthly routine. Doing so will help prevent knee injuries, back injuries and relieve strain.

Many people with migraines find that the symptoms can be treated well with massage but simply waiting until you have a severe migraine before coming in on an emergency basis will be much harder to treat than if you have had regular massages.

No matter what a person does for their job or workout routine, even if you sit all day and do nothing, you’re doing a repetitive motion. Those repetitive movements will cause muscle pain, wear and tear and joint pain. Massage may relieve that pain but once you go back to doing your same activities and the muscle tension will return. That’s where muscle maintenance becomes important.

If you are an athlete, Achilles’ heel injuries and knee injuries can be prevented with regular massage because, if the muscles that are connected to your tendons stay loose it helps the joints stay healthy.

You will ultimately reach a point where you feel generally good all the time so that your monthly massages are more for relaxation and maintenance. That is where you want to be.

Rather than continually playing catch-up, set up regularly scheduled appointments for your massage and get ahead of the game.

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3X3 Portrait

Dr Stewart Sanders DPT San Diego Golf Fitness Specialist Recommends Building A Golf Coaching Team

Dr Stewart Sanders San Diego Golf Fitness Specialist reminds us that Golf is a sport. He said “Golf may be played by more people on the planet than any other sport, but it is a sport, and as such, physical training and toning should be considered if you are to play your best.”

Professionals that help golfers improve flexibility, gain strength and maintain their energy and endurance throughout the game should not be confused with a golf coach or a swing coach. Those professionals teach how to swing a golf club, how to choose the shot, how to manage the course; how to play the game.

Prior to Tiger Woods turning pro in 2001, fitness was not generally recognized as a major attribute of a golfer’s game. Tiger’s training and emphasis on physical fitness changed that opinion. Today almost all Professional Golfers have a Golf Fitness Professional as part of their permanent training program.

If a player wants to move his or her game to the next level they should work with a Golf Fitness Specialist. Some of the questions they should ask of the professional are;

What is your training and how are you qualified to help me?
Do you work with any golf coaches/professionals?
What can I do in order to play golf without pain?
What should I do before and after my round of golf to help decrease pain while playing?
What exercises do I need to do to improve my golf swing?
How does nutrition and rest play a part in helping to improve my golf game?

When a golfer is looking for the Golf Fitness Specialist that is right for them, they should find someone with a medical degree who specializes in body mechanics and understands the golf swing. Fitness professionals such as physical therapists and athletic trainers are skilled at improving the physical components of the golf swing and help golfers reach their goals. These experts are in the profession of improving functional ability and make great golf fitness professionals. Also look for someone who is a TPI-certified golf fitness instructor. TPI is the Titleist Performance Institute, the world’s leading educational organization and research facility dedicated to the study of how the human body functions in relation to the golf swing.

At a minimum, to avoid injury, every golfer should perform a warm-up that progresses from general to specific. The golfer should address the physical limitations that are specific to them as they progress through their warm-up before their round and cool-down afterwards.

Getting plenty of rest and eating right is very important. On game day, plan ahead and bring plenty of water and a few snacks to the golf course. Stay hydrated and maintain energy during the round of golf. Proper rest prior to the round of golf and after is essential.

You can see more from Dr. Stewart Sanders
or on CNN

Maurine Pisani C Ht

Maureen Pisani San Diego Hypnotherapist Answers the Four Most Asked Questions Regarding Hypnosis and Pain Relief

Maureen Pisani San Diego Hypnotherapist is a firm believer that hypnosis aids in the relief of pain because she was completely relieved of debilitating pain.  She was told she was totally disabled yet after only two hypnotherapy sessions, the pain went away and has never returned.

Here she answers the four most asked questions about hypnotherapy and pain relief.

How does hypnosis work? 

Hypnotherapy simply accesses the client’s subconscious mind and introduces new and beneficial ideas that are implemented once that client is in a new situation. As soon as that occurs, the client feels and lives the resulting improvement.

What will I feel?

What you feel is different for everyone. It’s important to state that no one loses control while in a hypnotic state. Some clients relax completely to the point of not remembering what has been suggested. Others feel like they just took a power nap. Others just sit comfortably in a recliner with their eyes closed listening to what the therapist says. Each client connects with a deep relaxation and a sense of calmness regardless of how much physical tension release occurs.

Will the pain disappear?

Considering that pain in and of itself is a signal reminding you to take care of yourself and not to push yourself, when there is a medical cause such as Arthritic pain, the therapist will not remove the pain completely down to a zero level.

If the client has been dealing with a level 8 pain on a daily basis, which is debilitating on all aspects, think of the improvement in quality of life, of productivity and of simple happiness, if the pain was brought down to a 0.5. If during his/her day, the client is aware of a sense of something, a mild warning simply to remind him/her to be cautious, but still has full ability to live a full life, think of the benefits there.

Now, there are certain situations, circumstances and conditions that are emotional in etiology. When the cause is emotional, the client does usually experience a complete release of pain. Hypnotherapy can resolve those subconscious emotional wounds and all that the client experiences, is the resolution and disappearance of any and all symptoms.

Will I be stuck in hypnosis?

No one will ever be stuck in a hypnotic state. We go through natural hypnotic states normally, at least twice daily. Each and every one of us goes through a hypnotic state as we’re falling asleep and then as we’re waking up.

You know that dreamy, drowsy feeling of knowing that you’d much rather listen to the TV than watch it, then drift off and come back 20 minutes later. That comfy feeling of letting go moments before drifting off to sleep. That’s you in hypnosis, naturally. So, knowing that we naturally go in and out of a hypnotic state twice daily proves that no one will ever be stuck in a hypnotic state. All that happens, is that we drift off to sleep and then naturally wake up to a full wide awake state of alertness.

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