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Jo-Lynn Herbert

Jo-Lynn Herbert MSW | Aiding Seniors Transitioning From Their Homes

Jo-Lynn Herbert MSW says “We must focus on seniors who are transitioning from their home to nursing care, assisted living care or other assisted housing.”

These groups of seniors need a professional who will prove excellent sorting, packing, unpacking and organizing of their personal items and space. These services must be flexible and available at the seniors convenience. Giving a hand when seniors do not have any one on hand to provide assistance or anyone they trust.

Seniors who live independently and for those seniors who have some physical impairment that limits their mobility and seniors who live alone and have no family or someone they feel they can’t trust also need the same kind of professional service.

Building trust and having a positive helpful attitude in providing services is imperative. Packing for the move is not an easy task and it can be overwhelming. To have someone to assist with the process usually decrease stress and maintains an organized packing experience.

One of the big misconceptions is that seniors do not need their belongings or their own space. Their belonging are part of their history and should be respected as much as the senior themselves need to be respected. Society learns by history so we need to be open and appreciate seniors and their belongings which tell their story. We must also respect and maintain their privacy.

Seniors tend to have as many items as a younger person and usually more. They want to keep and preserve as much as they can.

Helping organize seniors who are hoarders who recently had a big cleanup is a valuable service. If, after the cleanup, the families see disorganization they must recognize that that can trigger hoarder behavior. The family should consider a professional to provide assistance by organizing and reminding the senior how to use space effectively increasing their daily functionality and heading off a return to hoarding.

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Fritzi Gros-Daillon

Fritzi Gros-Daillon San Diego Aging In Place Specialist Brings Technology Into Senior Safety and Accessibility

Fritzi Gros-Daillon San Diego Aging In Place Specialist says, “A major myth is that the aging-in-place industries is all about ramps and grab bars.” Seniors and their families can take several important steps for themselves including reducing clutter, especially in hallways and exterior walkways, improving lighting, and general safety awareness like how to use a home fire extinguisher correctly.

The increasing use of technology in the home is the hottest topic in the field currently. The use of technology for medical surveillance and the speed at which medical information can get to a physician and reviewed for possible action are clear. There are monitoring devices that help people with diabetes, heart and respiratory conditions that can be life or death.

There are also benefits in the use of technology for communication using computers, laptops and tablets for families. The silent generation is adopting technology at an increasing rate as families who live far apart (and even some who live across town) are in touch via SKYPE, Apple iPhone facetime and email.

Those people not in favor of the use of technology focus on the “push” of technology onto the users. There is also a concern about the disappearing privacy of web cams and bed monitors to track the activities of family members.

Fritzi Gros-Daillon  San Diego Aging In Place Specialist says “Technology is coming to all our lives, in large and small ways.”

For seniors and their families, a measured approach allowing small steps to implementation of technology is best. Rather than install everything at once, a plan to put the technology in place over a period of time is preferred. That time span can be short or extended depending on the abilities of the senior. A plan of that type allows for the adoption of the concept and the technology itself without stressing the family or the senior.

Once the first step in the process perceived benefits become real benefits to the client and the family, then the next step can be implemented. The real value to home safety and technology innovations is the improved sense of freedom for the client and family with less stress and worry.

Katy Fike PhD said in an article in, “Technology is defined as the usage of tools, techniques, or methods of organization to solve a problem. Today there are many tools, techniques, and methods of organization that can help address the unique challenges facing long-distance caregivers.”

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